Sermon: Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

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1790 HANDWRITTEN Massachusetts Sermon II TIM 3.16 Very fine handwritten sermon of some 56 pp. Booklet hand sown. It was apparently used in various services by the minister and is dated as having been preached at Amherst on Nov 24, 1793 and in Norwich on November 23, 1794. An unknown, but clearly able divine. This area of Massachusetts was, at the time, populated with both Baptist and Methodist itinerant preachers and some research may reveal the author. A very fine example. Several similar examples were recently auctioned and command quite huge sums, into the thousands of dollars. The text is II Timothy III.16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God. And the text is an able defence of the Word and its verbal, plenary inspiration. Here follows an excerpt: 'Revelation being now established by the united strength of the foregoing observations, we may reflect on their aggravated guilt, who despise and reject it. Has the Deity condescended to reveal Himself and the purposes of His will to his apostate creatures? Surely their wickedness must be enhanced to an enormous degree, if they are shown His counsels from them and turn their backs upon His word. This manifestation of God's unparalleled love, which consists in His giving to mankind a rule of conduct together with premonitions of their future destiny ought to be a cogent reason for grateful acknowledgements in the creature, since it comes in the place of deserved wrath. After God has so far suppressed His anger at the rebellious children of men as to proffer them his mercy in a written manifesto, their guilt must be accumulated to an immeasurable sum if they do not realize the privilege which is thereby conferred upon them. The subject therefore admonishes all to give heed to the Scriptures as to a light shining in a dark place. The obligations resulting from interest and gratitude are urgent upon us to make the Word of God our counsellor and our guide. We cannot discharge ourselves from that curse which is denounced against all such as defile the Word of God, only we heartily receive it as sent down from above, and as being able to make us wise unto salvation. The truth of revelation will bear testimony against all who do not embrace it and will pronounce sentence against them according to which they will be punished as vile ingrates and abasers of Divine goodness.'

Title: Sermon: Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

Author Name: Unknown

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Book Condition: Generally very good, some minor chips, not obscuring text. A two page addendum included which is very faint. Possibly by way of preface for publication. If so, the sermon could likely be traced. Quite legible.

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